3 Areas of Tax Savings

Engineering-Based Cost Segregation

Tax deferrals through accelerating depreciation on your property. Learn more

Tangible Property Regulations (U.S. Code 263a)

Properly expense renovations and improvements to your benefit and stay in compliance. Learn more

Partial Asset Dispositions

Write-off the remaining depreciable value of everything removed during the major renovations and improvements. Learn more

Our Differentiator

Most cost segregation firms only do cost segregation. Not only do we specialize in other areas of the tax code, but we work with you to make sure we pull the right levers to make sure we are applying these incentives in the best way for you. Every property and tax situation is different and there is no cookie-cutter application of these incentives. Contact me today to learn more about all the money you may be leaving on the table.

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Considering signing up with a cost segregation firm?

Make sure they can answer these questions first.


1. Does the staff performing my study understand the Tangible Property Regulations? If yes, what classes have they taken on the TPRs?

2. Does your firm “scrub” and correct schedules to eliminate expenditures that never should have been capitalized under the Tangible Property Regulations (US Code §263a)?

3. If I perform a major renovation and improvement, will you perform a Partial Asset Disposition?

4. Can you help me in the future with capitalization/expense decisions?

5. Do you understand the three Safe Harbors under §263a?

6. Do you know the impact of the Real Estate Professional status? Can you explain the personal service time requirements of 750 hours and 50% personal service time?

7. How can recapture be minimized?

8. Does your firm provide, complete and sign IRS Form 3115 (Application for Change in Accounting Method)?



Brenten Blakeman

Your Cost Segregation Pro

“Taking the time to get to know our clients and help them understand all of their tax saving options is at the heart of everything we do.”
– Brenten Blakeman, CEO

The IRS incentives real estate investors and property owners through tax deductions and deferrals. Stay compliant and increase your cash flow by taking advantage of the tax code. We work with you, your accountant, financial advisor and anyone else on your team to keep more money in your pocket.

Meet Brenten Blakeman, a top account executive with Tangible Property Tax Methods (TPTM), and your Cost Segregation Pro. We work with investors who own a single property, syndicate firms that own dozens, the small business that owns their property and everything in between.

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What Others Are Saying

Working with Brenten and his team was worth every penny. They made the process very simplistic for us, while at the same time using their knowledge and expertise to benefit us more than we had expected. I couldn’t recommend Brenten and his team more!”

Kevin Simshauser

Managing Member, The PhixGroup, LLC

“Brenten is the most professional Tax Consultant in the industry.  I have been in the same industry for over ten years and there is no one even close.  He is educated, professional, pays attention to detail and is dedicated to excellence.  Any client who partners with Brenten is in safe hands.”

Kevin Jerry

Partner and SVP of Sales, Tangible Property Tax Methods